Komelon Universal Quick Draw Belt Clip

Tape measures are used constantly on all jobs andprojects. Komelon’s Quick Draw allows for quick and easy access to your tape measure every time a measurement is needed. The Quick Draw locks your tape measure firmly in place when not in use. No longer do you have to struggle with attaching your tape measure to your belt.


Universal Fitting – Fits any tape measure fitted with a screw on spring loaded belt clip.
Steel Safety Ring – Easily attach a safety lanyard when working at height.
ABS Case – Impact resistant and ensures longer life
Quick Release Button – Simply push the button for a quick release.
Comes with two fitting adapters to allow use with two different tape measures


Item Code Description Inner Box Quantity Outer Box Quantity Unit Bar Code    
KQDTMHN KOMELON Universal Quick Draw Belt Clip 10 80 8803005002602    

3 reviews for Komelon Universal Quick Draw Belt Clip

  1. D Monger

    This works really well. Eliminates the need to clip your tape to your jean pockets or spread the clip by hand to fit over a work belt.

  2. David Thang

    This tool takes accessibility to another level. I have been using this for a couple years now and the convenience is great

  3. William Blake

    Good game changer tape measure never been so secure. Anyone in the trades should give it a try easy to work with one hand. Might even buy more

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