Making history since 1963 

Established almost 60 years ago in Busan, South Korea, Komelon has developed an innovative range of measuring and cutting tools for professional and DIY use.
Our founder- Mr EuJo Kang- established Komelon as a tubing company back in 1963. After toying with the qualities of fibreglass within his work, his products soon became a fan favourite due to how well they conducted heat. A good friend soon asked Mr EuJo to construct a fibreglass tape measure using the same unmatched technology…
 And, so they say- the rest is history.

Made by professionals, for professionals.

Whether you are the handyman of the house or the CEO of your construction site, sourcing your tools from a place you can trust is vital.
Our reputation stems from the high-quality tools manufactured by our passionate team of expertsWe have spent years perfecting and promoting well-engineered products for our professional trading partners all over the world.
Komelon continues to exceed expectations by providing items that are nothing short of toolbag essentials

Cutting-edge technology.

We did it first.

1985: Komelon was the first company to market the impressive Fibreglass Tape Measures. To this day, the Long Fibreglass Tape is the only version on the market with Class 2 accuracy.
2001: The Magnetic End Hook was first developed by Komelon to ensure the powerful magnetic tip holds the tape measure in place on iron and steel surfaces
2003: To continue with the innovative creations, Komelon designed the first Self Locking Tape Measure for unmatched accuracy.
2019: History continues with our recent drop of the first-ever Professional LED Tape Measure to excel in all conditions

And we’re only just getting started.

From then to now, our team at Komelon never stop researching, creating and distributing the latest and greatest tool technologyWith over half a century’s experience, we pride ourselves on always being one step ahead of the measurement and cutting tool game.