Komelon Powerblade

The Komelon PowerBlade II tape has a dura NY nylon coated steel dual printed blade with vertical blade markings on the reverse and patented hi-viz blade printing. The Dura NY nylon coating offers superior quality that lasts up to 15 times longer than standard blade finishes.
It’s ergonomically designed ABS case with a moulded rubber grip provides increased comfort. The edges of the blade have been rounded and it offers measurements in both metric and imperial graduations. It also has a magnetic end hook.
These high grade tapes have an excellent feel and their durability is second to none. Available in 5m/16ft and 8m/26ft metric and imperial and 5m and 8m metric only versions. EC Class II accurate.




Patented Hi Viz Blade
Easy to read measurements in most lighting conditions
Dual Printed 2 Colour Blade
Markings on reverse of blade for vertical measuring
Double Ended Hook
Blade can be secured above or below the work piece
Magnetic End Hook
Accurately secures blade when working with steel or iron fabrication
Rubber Cushion Blade Opening
Helps prevent hook damage when blade is rewound into case.

More Key Features / Benefits

Feature Benefits
Dura NY Nylon Blade Protection Reduces wear and abrasion for longer blade life
Serrated End Hook Hook can be used to mark work piece for accurate measuring
Ergonomic ABS Case Durable to prevent impact damage to tape blade & mechanism
Rubber Grip Easy to maintain hold in damp, wet or slippery conditions
Superior Internal Spring Gives smooth action when extending/returning the blade
Rounded Blade Edges Reduces finger cuts and blade damage, prolonging blade life
Blade Lock Smoothly locks the blade in required position for ease of use
4 Rivet End Hook Significantly stronger bond with blade for superior durability and blade life
True Zero End Hook The hook moves for accurate internal and external measurements
Blade Length: 5m / 16ft & 8m / 26ft Available in 2 lengths for use in the majority of applications
Blade Length: 5m & 8m Available as Metric Only in 2 lengths
Blade Width – 27mm Superior standout for distance measuring by one person
Metric & Imperial Blade Markings Allows accurate measurements to be taken in either Metres & Centimetres or Feet & Inches
Class II Accurate Guarantees accurate measuring
Wide Belt Clip For ease of retrieval on the job, stays secure on the belt


Item Code Description Inner Box Quantity Outer Box Quantity Unit Bar Code
MPT57E KOMELON 5m/16ft x 27mm PowerBlade Tape Measure 8 32 8803005879518
MPT57E-M KOMELON 5m x 27mm PowerBlade Tape Measure – Metric Only 8 32 8803005879501
MPT87E KOMELON 8m/26ft x 27mm PowerBlade Tape Measure 8 32 8803005879617
MPT87E-M KOMELON 8m x 27mm PowerBlade Tape Measure – Metric Only 8 32 8803005879600

8 reviews for Komelon Powerblade

  1. Alex Builds

    As a builder I use tape measures all of the time.
    I get through lots of tapes every year as I work in the rain a lot. I have had all the best known named tapes and cheap ones and tbh there isnt alot of difference in how long they last.
    I bought one of these tapes and have been so impressed with it I bought another one which I still haven’t had to use.
    Good quality big numbers on both sides which is pretty handy too I recommend this tape to all builder

  2. Jamie W.

    I have had no problems at all with this tape measure, it does get thrown around and so far stood up to the abuse. I like the hi-vis blade.

  3. Martin M

    Ok, it’s great value and seems good quality. I’m not marking it down because I’m just surprised by what a beast it is. It would make a fair hammer!! Easy to use and read, strong tape that doesn’t sag, is magnetic and print both sides. Excellent bit of kit

  4. DanthePoppy

    This is a good robust tape
    Magnet on end means easy to measure without help (when I’m measuring steel enclosures for work)
    Markings on the top and bottom really useful
    Numbers are clear and easy to read

  5. Brendan

    Seems to be very sturdy and well made, a hell of allot cheaper than others on the market. The magnet it strong enough and it’s easy to read, very happy with it and I’ve bought dozens of tape measures over the years!

  6. JW Heating and Plumbing

    Best tape measure I’ve found in recent years, clear markings both sides, strong tape with good unaided reach. Wide catch with nail hook and serrated end, adjustment for internal and external measuring benefits for those who know how to use a tape measure! Also forget rummaging in your pockets when you pair this up with their quick draw system, the tape will always be to hand.

  7. Adrip Plumbing

    Best tape on the market I find the measurements on both sides very handy, good strong blade and the measurements on the blade are clear to read.

  8. Nick Bartlett

    Excellent quality tape measure

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