Komelon Long Steel Tape

Komelon Long Steel tapes come in 30m/100ft, 50m/165ft lengths.  They feature a heavy duty impact resistant frame.  The blade is made from dura NY nylon coated steel for durability and is fitted with a claw end hook.




High Speed Gear Mechanism
Ensures high speed  accurate retrieval of tape to save time on the job
Steel Roller Guide
Guides blade retrieval, reduces friction and prevents twisting
High Quality Carbon Steel blade
Durable and long lasting
Dura NY Nylon Blade Protection
Triple coated to protect blade from wear and tear
Heavy Duty ABS Plastic Case
Impact resistant to prevent damage to blade & mechanism

More Key Features / Benefits

Feature Benefits
Class II Accurate Guarantees accurate measuring
Metric & Imperial Blade Markings Allows accurate measurements to be taken in either Metres & Centimetres or Feet & Inches
Dual Printed 2 Colour Blade One side for metric and the other side for imperial measurements
Soft Grips Comfortable in the hand during prolonged use
True Zero End Hook Ensures accurate internal and external measurements
Steel Claw End Hook Design Holds blade securely for one person measuring
30m/100ft & 50m/165ft  Blade Lengths Selection of lengths to suit most long distance measuring jobs
Blade Width – 13mm Standard width for long measuring tapes


Item Code Description Inner Box Quantity Outer Box Quantity Unit Bar Code
LU30E/E KOMELON 30m/100ft x 13mm Steel Tape Measure 1 5 8803005165765
LU50E/E KOMELON 50m/165ft x 13mm Steel Tape Measure 1 5 8803005165963

2 reviews for Komelon Long Steel Tape

  1. Tony

    Good strong tape

  2. Jonathan

    Good quality steel tape.

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