Komelon LED Tape Measure

This ultra-compact 8m/26ft professional LED tape measure is an industry first! The built in LED light is strong enough to light up any dark environment, ensuring an accurate measurement. The LED has an auto shut off after five minutes to reduce energy consumption and prolong battery life. It also comes equipped with a USB cable for lightning-fast battery charges. A full charge will allow for two hours of continuous run time.


Feature Benefits
Ultra Compact White ABS Case Light weight strong outer case prevents impact damage to tape blade & mechanism
Powerful LED Light Illuminates blade in low light conditions for ease of measurement reading
Black Print on White Blade Improves readability of measurements
Dual Printed Blade Measurements can be taken above and below the blade, ideal for vertical measuring
Auto LED Shut Off after 5 Minutes Reduces energy consumption & prolongs battery life

More Key Features / Benefits

Feature Benefits
Supplied with USB to USB Micro Charging Cable Easily charged from any USB Socket
Integrated Rechargeable Lithium Battery Recharges in 40 Minutes, no need to carry replacement batteries
Blade Length – 8m / 26ft Features metric & imperial blade markings for use in the majority of applications
Blade Width – 25mm Provides 2.5m standout for increased reach and easier measuring for one person in most applications
Dura NY Nylon Blade Protection Reduces wear and abrasion for longer blade life
Sharp & Accurate Blade Printing Ensures precise measurement readings
Embossed Blade Print Reduces glare and ensures durability
Matt Finish Coated Blade Easier to read, particularly in bright light, as prevents reflections
Metric & Imperial Blade Markings Allows accurate measurements to be taken in either Metres & Centimetres or Feet & Inches
Rounded Blade Edges Reduces finger cuts and blade damage, prolonging blade life
Blade Lock Smoothly locks the blade in required position for ease of use
3 Rivet End Hook 40% Stronger than a 2 rivet end hook for improved blade life
True Zero End Hook The hook moves for accurate internal and external measurements
Black Rubber Grip Easy to maintain hold in damp, wet or slippery conditions and greater comfort in use
Class II Accurate Guarantees accurate measuring
Stainless Steel Belt Clip For ease of retrieval on the job


Item Code Description Inner Box Quantity Outer Box Quantity Unit Bar Code
KOMELON 8m/26ft x 25mm LED Tape Measure
4 24 8803005002633

6 reviews for Komelon LED Tape Measure

  1. Penny Pincher

    Handy (pun intended) fits perfectly in the palm of my hand so I can use the light and the lock. Light is well placed. Great addition to my many tape measures laying around the house. This will likely become my go to.

  2. Skeeter

    Thus is a nice tape measure, especially for the price. The tape is nice and easy to read. The LED light is plenty bright, and is rechargeable. I have no complaints about this product and will purchase it again.

  3. Ash

    I like this! I am not sure why a light is needed in a tape measure. But I decided to give it a whirl and I am pleasantly surprised.

  4. Franko

    It may seam silly to think of a light on a tape measure, but, you will use it probably more than you realize. I use it in the basement, garage, its like a specialty tool. The tape is nice and comfortable to hold and the led just steps it up.

  5. easyrider

    It’s nice to have a tape measure with black and white. Built in flash light ever better

  6. Bob

    Awesome tape!! Will purchase another. The LED light is genius!!!

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