Komelon HB Grade Carpenters’ Pencil

The Komelon Carpenters’ pencils are HB grade and trade quality.  They are 180mm in length and rectangular shaped with chamfered edges to prevent the pencil from rolling.

The Komelon Carpenters’ pencils can withstand the stress of marking on a wide variety of textured surfaces that are hard, rough, uneven such as wood, plywood, cardboard, concrete, unfinished lumber, timber, paper, concrete, render, plaster, and brick.  This makes them the perfect tool for marking saw lines, moulding marks, and drill points.

The Komelon carpenters’ pencils come in two display options, the Komelon Carpenter Pencils box of 72 which is a counter box display, and the Carpenter Pencils Stand of 200 which can be displayed both free-standing and has peg hooks for a peg wall display.





HB Grade
For drawing very visible dark marking lines on a range of materials without smudging.
180mm in Length
The larger surface area means pencils are easier to grip and sharpen with a knife.
Chamfered Edges
To prevent the pencil from rolling away.
Rectangular Shaped
Non-round core allows thick lines on rough surfaces and thin high precision lines to be drawn just by rotating the pencil.


2 reviews for Komelon HB Grade Carpenters’ Pencil

  1. Chris

    Good value ,long lasting.

  2. Owen

    Best pencils I have used

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